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Back from hiatus with an icon post for a battle as part of theiconquest. Full battle with superjesster, renrenren3 and mark_pierre can be found here at the iq_coliseum. More icons and posts to come soon!

24 icons: Game of Thrones

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N.B. I believe 'venit hiems' is 'winter is coming' in Latin,
but someone wiser in the language may know better.
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04 July 2012 @ 08:45 pm

Just to make it official. I'll be back making icons eventually!

I signed up for 20inspirations this month with Game of Thrones, ready to make some vibrant, colourful icons with the fantastic cinematography and colour grading (probably the prettiest show currently airing, IMO). But alas not, as the theme was black and white. I was rather disappointed to see some derogatory anonymous comments at the insp post in regards to the theme. I've immensely enjoyed the challenge of this round, and I think it's a fantastic initiative from the mods at a time when the trends of vibrance and saturation are increasingly the norm. Thanks to vetica and the rest of the mods for the time and effort you put into running such a wonderful comm.

There was the optional use of one colour, and I mentioned to library_of_sex (btw thanks muchly, Kim, for the continual encouragement and support) about possibly using red, but in the end decided to do it all in B&W, with a couple of slight sepia tones, as the challenge was intended. Essentially I've been re-learning and remembering the process of icon-making, after an absence since January, so I've gone pretty experimental with some of these. Most recently I've been working on A1 sized photomedia works, so coming back to the familiar 100x100 constraints has been a lovely change.
In addition to the icons are a few tumblr banners and a couple of digital paintings, which I recently started trying.

1-20: Game of Thrones icons for 20inspirations
21-50: Game of Thrones alts and extras
Tumblr banners & digital paintings

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It's been almost 5 months since my last icon post, my apologies for the unintentional hiatus. As a result, this is quite a mixed bag of icons, some have been laying around my hard drive for the last 5 months, as well as some icons from an icon battle a couple of months prior to my last post, as well as a bunch that were made recently. And as usual, there's some here I'm really not sure of, and others I'm really pleased with, so comments and criticism are most welcome.

64 Icons
01-10: Downton Abbey
11-20: Sherlock
21-30: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
31-38: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
39-44: Doctor Who
44-48: Misfits
49-52: Haven
53-56: Silent Witness
57-64: Misc (Love Actually, Jonathan Creek, Whites, icon battle for landofart)

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But it's up to us to change this town called maliceCollapse )
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Well, this was difficult indeed. I only signed up less than a week before the end, so I'm pleased given the time I had to do this. (speaking of which, I didn't get a reply in the sign up post, so I'm hoping this is okay mods?) Huge thank you to Kim, Sari and Kat for your concrit and stopping me from stressing, and reassuring me that I am not an utter failure. Even if I don't entirely believe you =P

It took me a long time to choose my subject, and in the end I decided on the greatest band in the world for a few reasons. Besides the fact that they deserve much more icon love, but I also feel their music very much relates to the theme of 'complex' in that its so layered and so much depth, particularly their later stuff. It was different using live images to screencaps, and I was worried they would all look the same. In fact I'm still a little worried that a few are a bit similar. I definitely experimented with text more than usual since normally I can't think of anything, but lyrics were such an obvious and easy choice.

There's still a few I'd like to fiddle with again, but I've reached a level of exhaustion that means these are unequivocally the finished product.

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But I'm up here holding on, to all those chandeliers of hopeCollapse )
My first post here at the new comm, which is mostly a Harry Potter tribute, with the final instalment released; and without rambling too much, all of the awards to Alan Rickman, Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home, and on to the icons: 

63 Icons + 3 Banners
1-40: Harry Potter
41-53: Game of Thrones
54-63: Misc. (Coldplay, Downton Abbey, I Am Number Four, Pillars of the Earth)
03: Tumblr Banners (Harry Potter) 

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08 July 2011 @ 10:49 pm

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